For eons

The Dragon Queen has waited for the one who will free her. Now, a child has been born…



The characters are credible and well developed through out the story and the plot is really well thought out. It's fast paced, the kind of book you can't put down and suddenly, it's 2am. Fantastic book.

A Langkilde
The Knights of Dragonwatch

It's what I would call a velocity story because it made me really have a rush. The characters are beautifully worked out. Not only are they serious but they are sometimes comical.

Knights of Visions

A Wonderful read as we get to experience the Gladiator pits and find out even more about the Knights legacy. I'm reallv enjoying how the characters and story have developed from book 1

S. Reid
Gladiator Knight

The story continues to be action packed from start to finish as the companions fight their way through one enemy after another.I found it very hard to stop reading. Mr. Knight continues to amaze me with his writing ability.

A. Osborne
Knight Commander

I'm always a big fan of good character development—watching the characters mature but stay somewhat consistent to their core beliefs, yet change through the situations with a well-woven storyline is a lot of fun. Thoroughly enjoyed this set of books. Can't wait for number six to be released.

D. Laughlin
Knights Rift

THe Dragon queen returns,

but the Dragonwatch Knights, the legendary heroes who defeated her the first time, are gone...

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Through captivating narratives, my mission is to transport audiences to uncharted worlds, where the extraordinary unfolds. I want readers to embrace the mystique of fantastical wonders, futuristic landscapes, and cosmic terrors as they journey into the realms of limitless imagination.