The Knights of Dragonwatch: The Dragon Queen of Chaos, Book 1 (Ebook)

The Knights of Dragonwatch: The Dragon Queen of Chaos, Book 1 (Ebook)

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For eons uncounted the Dragon Queen has waited for the one who will free her. Now a child has been born.

Jarryd has been haunted by visions since he was a small child, terrifying scenes of the Dragon Queen and her demons slaughtering the innocent.

Visions he must keep secret, lest the village priest burn him and his family at the stake for consorting with evil.

Lonely and outcast, Jarryd lives in fear that the smallest lapse will seal his fate and deliver his soul to the Dragon Queen.

When he comes of age, a terrible change comes upon him. A strange power begins to manifest in him, a power that can only come from the Queen.

With no other choices, he sets off alone on a desperate quest to find answers before it’s too late.

The Dragon Queen of Chaos is the third series in the Chaos Legacy, following Immortality and Chaos (I) and Chaos and Retribution (II).

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I have been on the edge of my seat through much of this portion of the series. Dieing for the next!

Candy R.

This happens to be the first book I have read by this author, and I plan on checking out his other books !!! Thank you, Eric !!!


Jarryd is a Knight Protector. He is on a non-stop journey to escape the Dragon Queen and the Emperor. Along the way he runs into adventures only be can stop with the aid of friends he meets.

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