Knight Commander: The Dragon Queen of Chaos, Book 4 (Ebook)

Knight Commander: The Dragon Queen of Chaos, Book 4 (Ebook)

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Jarryd has been marked by the Dragon Queen and there is no escape…

Jarryd and his friends barely survive an ambush by an Imperial death squad. But they do not survive unscathed, for the leader of the assassins has left the Queen’s mark on Jarryd.

Now the Dragon Queen haunts Jarryd’s dreams and his body is starting to change. He fears that soon he will belong to her.

Desperate, Jarryd convinces his friends to journey to the blighted wasteland that was once the kingdom of Lethos, once ruled by the Thaumaturges.

Centuries ago, the Thaumaturges wielded unimaginable power, great enough that not even the Dragonwatch Knights could defeat them. But their power was evil and in their wars against each other they destroyed the land.

Is the power still there? Can Jarryd learn to wield it or will it destroy him as well?

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I have been on the edge of my seat through much of this portion of the series. Dieing for the next!

Candy R.

This happens to be the first book I have read by this author, and I plan on checking out his other books !!! Thank you, Eric !!!


Jarryd is a Knight Protector. He is on a non-stop journey to escape the Dragon Queen and the Emperor. Along the way he runs into adventures only be can stop with the aid of friends he meets.

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